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Thailand Water Report Q4 2013 US$ 1,295.00

... to this, however we note that this might be to the detriment of the overall water sector as vital funds are channelled away into flood projects. ... far from complete. We see significant scope for delays to the implementation of Thailand's water management and flood prevention scheme. Although contracts have ...

Aug, 2013 44 pages
Taiwan Water Report Q4 2013 US$ 1,295.00

... over the medium term - averaging 0.4% growth yearon- year (y-o-y) between 2013 and 2017 - per capita consumption of water in Taiwan remains higher than most regional and global peers. Taiwanese citizens consume about 270 litres of water per person per day - higher than the United States and most ...

Aug, 2013 33 pages
Peru Water Report Q4 2013 US$ 1,295.00

... has directed more attention and devoted more resources to the water industry than the majority of countries in Latin America, with investments ... Housing, Construction and Sanitation, the National Sanitation Plan prioritizes the modernization of the water supply and sewerage system, eliminating financial losses ...

Aug, 2013 38 pages
Panama Water Report Q4 2013 US$ 1,295.00

... The Presidential Government Plan for 2009-2014 established the drinking water and sewerage system sector as a priority, which has been proven ... start of the presidential term to 11 today. The government's commitment to resolving water quality and service provision problems is observed particularly in the low- ...

Aug, 2013 26 pages
Bosnia and Herzegovina Telecommunications Report Q4 2013 US$ 1,295.00

... on VAS. Key Data We upgraded our forecast for broadband subscription growth in Bosnia this quarter, based on revised historical data for both fixed and ... the growth trajectory for 2013. Data from the regulator, CRA, showed Bosnia's fixed-line market to have declined faster in 2012 compared to 2011, with ...

Aug, 2013 93 pages
Bosnia and Herzegovina Infrastructure Report Q3 2013 US$ 1,295.00

Includes 3 FREE quarterly updates BMI View: There are limited opportunities in Bosnia and Herzegovina's infrastructure sector as economic and political uncertainty taints the outlook. The structural reforms necessary for EU accession have failed to materialise as ethnic groups bicker over legal issues. ...

Aug, 2013 47 pages
United Arab Emirates Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Report Q3 2014 US$ 1,295.00

... public. However, the public sector will remain the main source of healthcare expenditure, contributing over 60% of total spending by 2023. Headline Expenditure Projections Pharmaceuticals: AED7.02bn (USD1.91bn) in 2013 to AED7.44bn (USD2.03bn) in 2014; +6.0% in local currency and +6.1% in US dollar terms ...

Jul, 2014 126 pages
Sudan and South Sudan Autos Report Q4 2013 US$ 1,295.00

... Sudan has changed for the worse from both a security and economic standpoint, which bodes ill for its autos sector. We hold a relatively more positive outlook for the autos market in South Sudan, thanks to its huge oil reserves, expanding population, large amount of arable land ...

Aug, 2013 44 pages
Russia Water Report Q4 2013 US$ 1,295.00

Includes 3 FREE quarterly updates BMI View: The water sector in Russia offers a substantial opportunity for long term growth, with the water ... inadequacies, with Georgij Karlov, chairman of the Duma's sub-committee on water resources recently saying 'Statistically, one-third of the Russian population uses ...

Jul, 2013 34 pages
Poland Renewables Report Q4 2013 US$ 1,295.00

... wind capacity, we have decided to downwardly revise our 2013 and longer-term forecasts for renewables capacity, as a number of previously highlighted risks have ... the project pipeline as investors grow increasingly wary of the market. Poland's non-hydro renewables segment has expanded rapidly over the last ...

Jul, 2013 33 pages
Kuwait Water Report Q3 2014 US$ 1,295.00

... is likely to decrease even further, impeding the much needed development of the country's water infrastructure. Kuwait has an arid climate, low levels of rainfall, lack of permanent surface water and limited renewable water resources that come in at only 7m3/yr per capita, which is very ...

Jun, 2014 49 pages
India Water Report Q4 2013 US$ 1,295.00

Includes 3 FREE quarterly updates BMI View: India's water sector is in sore need of investment and expansion. However we believe this is likely to occur and ... the waste of a vast and extremely important resource for this water starved country. It is particularly severe in rural areas where there is little ...

Jul, 2013 45 pages
Hungary Water Report Q4 2013 US$ 1,295.00

Includes 3 FREE quarterly updates BMI View: Hungary's water industry has faced numerous problems over the past few years, with the country's ... and has set aside US$5.8bn for sewer treatment projects and programmes through 2013. The EU is also due to give the country a total of US$32.7bn over the 2007-2013 ...

Jul, 2013 36 pages
Hong Kong Water Report Q4 2013 US$ 1,295.00

... and pilot desalination projects. Together, these measures are expected to reduce water extraction and consumption between 2013 and 2017. However, as activity in the country's textile, metal-works and hospitality maintains momentum, Hong Kong's water and sewage treatment industries will gain importance and ...

Jul, 2013 34 pages
France Water Report Q4 2013 US$ 1,295.00

Includes 3 FREE quarterly updates BMI View: Ongoing investments and developments continue to improve France's well regulated and structured water sector. Investment is currently concentrated on updating damaged or obsolete infrastructure, particularly with regards to distribution and treatment. Improving ...

Jul, 2013 40 pages
China Water Report Q4 2013 US$ 1,295.00

Includes 3 FREE quarterly updates BMI View: China's water sector is facing an uphill struggle. The country is spending vast sums of money on preparing its water infrastructure for a rapidly expanding population that is due to hit 1.6bn by 2030, as well as battling ...

Jul, 2013 38 pages
Caribbean Telecommunications Report Q3 2014 US$ 1,295.00

... quarterly updates BMI View: Despite the relative small size of the individual Caribbean markets, they are drawing a lot of interest from third parties, ... excessive demand for its basic mobile email service launched earlier in 2014. ETECSA is having to expand its network in order to deal with the increased ...

Jul, 2014 189 pages
Botswana Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Report Q4 2013 US$ 1,295.00

... updates BMI View: Botswana remains as one of the more advanced countries in the African region in terms of its provision of healthcare. However, the ... . Consequently, we maintain our view that the country must see significant improvements to its living standards before it can attract pharmaceutical and ...

Jul, 2013 53 pages
Turkey Renewables Report Q3 2014 US$ 1,295.00

... industry is positive. Despite the dominance of thermal generated electricity, Turkey's renewables sector presents significant growth potential across most technologies, including ... Turkey has made impressive progress with its renewable energy expansion over the last decade, and across both Western Europe and ...

May, 2014 42 pages
Oman Autos Report Q3 2014 US$ 1,295.00

... Risk team recently reaffirmed its positive outlook on Oman's economy, with GDP growth of 3.5% forecast for 2014 and 2015. BMI also expects fiscal ... over the coming quarters, and projects real growth of 6.0% in government consumption in 2014, from an average of 8.5% in 2009-12. Helping demand for new cars will ...

May, 2014 59 pages
Italy Commercial Banking Report Q3 2014 US$ 1,295.00

... the regulatory environment. Central to BMI’s analysis are our unique Commercial Banking Business Environment Ratings. BMI’s unique country-comparative Risk ... and operational risks. The reports also feature profiles of leading banks, covering total assets, liabilities, client deposits, lending, bond holdings ...

Jul, 2014 70 pages
Greece Renewables Report Q3 2013 US$ 1,295.00

... and scaling back on renewables, especially the solar PV sector, we maintain our view that the Greek government will revise down FITs again in 2013. ... up our medium-term generation and capacity forecasts for non-hydropower renewables, due to a larger than expected project pipeline. This is because latest figures ...

Jul, 2013 31 pages
South Africa Renewables Report Q3 2013 US$ 1,295.00

... quarterly updates South Africa's government and state utility Eskom have finalised Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) for 19 renewable energy projects, ... for the industry and highlights the country's conviction towards it renewable energy agenda. We expect delays to be a condition of the expansion progress and ...

Jul, 2013 39 pages
Saudi Arabia Information Technology Report Q3 2013 US$ 1,295.00

... and services. These trends will combine to ensure Saudi Arabia remains the biggest IT market in the Gulf, and the kingdom will continue to be a lucrative market for technology products and services. Headline Expenditure Projections Computer Hardware Sales: SAR7.91bn in 2012 to ...

Jul, 2013 96 pages
Russia Information Technology Report Q3 2014 US$ 1,295.00

... for outsourcing. This is indicative of our strong medium-term outlook for Russia's IT market, as we see growth potential in devices and enterprise solutions. State ... . Similarly, joining the WTO and the Information Technology Agreement (ITA) should help the industry, but Russia lags behind in terms of IPR ...

Jul, 2014 89 pages
Myanmar Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Report Q3 2014 US$ 1,295.00

... barriers to the improvement of medical services, such as limited funding for healthcare, a lack of basic resources and political instability, which could negatively affect Myanmar's economy. Headline Expenditure Projections Pharmaceutical imports: MMK324.8bn (US$350mn) in 2013 to MMK387.5bn (US$390mn) ...

May, 2014 57 pages
Ghana Information Technology Report Q3 2013 US$ 1,295.00

... procurement policies, which seem to favour locally manufactured products as a way of boosting the local economy. Headline Expenditure Projections Ghana Computer Hardware Sales: GHS587mn in 2012 to GHS719mn in 2013, +22.0% in local currency terms. The government's ambitious Basic Schools Computerisation ...

Jul, 2013 113 pages
China Oil and Gas Report Q3 2014 US$ 1,295.00

... in its upstream segment. Concerted efforts by the government to improve the economics of gas production and conditions for private investment have allowed for some ... , and the country's environmental problems. The main trends and developments we highlight for China's oil and gas sector are: Much of the China ...

Jul, 2014 233 pages
Ukraine Water Report Q3 2014 US$ 1,295.00

... updates BMI View: The ongoing tensions between Russia and Ukraine, particularly the former's demands for the latter's federalisation in exchange ... out in EU directives guiding policies and reform. Moreover, at present, most of Ukraine's water and wastewater utilities are state owned. However, we anticipate ...

Jul, 2014 39 pages
Turkey Water Report Q3 2014 US$ 1,295.00

... of many of Turkey's water infrastructure projects will have a long-term impact on the sector. The water crisis faced by Istanbul in January 2014 has intensified .Tight measures are being considered and it is possible that water rationing might be enforced. We view this event as indicative of two problems - ...

Jun, 2014 57 pages
Spain Water Report Q3 2014 US$ 1,295.00

Includes 3 FREE quarterly updates BMI View: Spain's water sector is highly developed. Water supply networks and sanitation are of a high quality ... groundwater. In response, the region has turned towards the construction of salt water reverse osmosis desalination plants to supply the population of the area ...

Jul, 2014 46 pages
Slovakia Water Report Q3 2014 US$ 1,295.00

... recovery, the much needed modernisation of the water sector lacks government-led impetus and foreign investment. Slovakia's poor economic performance has been the main hindrance to growth and improvements in the Water market, which should be benefiting from increased financial inflows thanks to ...

Jun, 2014 50 pages
Serbia Water Report Q3 2014 US$ 1,295.00

... a back seat in the wake of the severe flooding which damaged existing water infrastructure and has had a particularly detrimental effect on the irrigation ... have not changed our forecasts this quarter. Serbia's objectives are to increase available clean water, increase the number of connections to the public ...

Jun, 2014 52 pages
Russia Water Report Q3 2014 US$ 1,295.00

... Russian government strives to make the necessary improvements to the country's water sector, private investment continues to increase at a very promising rate. To ensure ... said that, 'Statistically, one-third of the Russian population uses water that is not properly prepared for consumption. Alas, still many ...

Jul, 2014 44 pages
Romania Water Report Q3 2014 US$ 1,295.00

... updates BMI View: In recent years Romania has put a significant amount of energy into its water sector in an effort to improve the quality ... This forecast is due to an expected increase in the amount of households connected to the water network despite the slowing population growth. Perhaps more significant ...

Jun, 2014 54 pages
Poland Water Report Q3 2014 US$ 1,295.00

Includes 3 FREE quarterly updates BMI View: EU regulations regarding environmental competency, especially in respect to sustainable water usage, mean that Poland is spending a significant amount of time, effort and finance on developing its water sector. The country has a limited amount of water ...

Jun, 2014 45 pages
Nigeria Water Report Q3 2014 US$ 1,295.00

... sector and aim to target them as a key way of alleviating poverty within Nigeria and to coincide with the UN Millennium Development Goals. Rural supply ... slow. A number of charities operating in Nigeria are implementing WASH programmes and supply projects in order to improve water services and funding continues ...

Jul, 2014 42 pages
MENA Mining Report Q3 2014 US$ 1,295.00

Includes 3 FREE quarterly updates We expect to see strong growth in the mining sector of the Middle East and North Africa over the ... sanctions relief to be rolled over until 2015. This will benefit the mining sector as it is one of the beneficiaries of an easing of sanctions. On the upside, if negotiations ...

Jun, 2014 73 pages
Kazakhstan Water Report Q3 2014 US$ 1,295.00

Includes 3 FREE quarterly updates BMI View: Kazakhstan's water sector is facing an uphill struggle; ageing infrastructure, corruption and a r eliance on neighbours for resources lends little credibility to the country. However, significant investment is being poured into the industry, by the government ...

Jun, 2014 44 pages
Kazakhstan and Central Asia Telecommunications Report Q3 2014 US$ 1,295.00

Includes 3 FREE quarterly updates BMI View: The Central Asia region has seen a number of 4G LTE launches since April 2014, including ... companies are willing to continue their investment strategies, hoping to tap into Central Asia's vast telecoms potential. Government interference in the sector remains the ...

Jul, 2014 164 pages
Italy Water Report Q3 2014 US$ 1,295.00

... . Although the Italian water infrastructure construction sector is currently a market in decline due to the country's economic situation, Italy's archaic and poorly ... the sizeable project pipeline we anticipate over the next decade centring on water supply, and the country's wastewater and sanitation sectors.

May, 2014 57 pages
Iraq Water Report Q3 2014 US$ 1,295.00

... sector will not only be undermined by security issues, but also due to poor government capacity. Nevertheless, the reconstruction and development of Iraq's water infrastructure will continue and will be underpinned by a large investment plan and budget. However government agencies' lack of accountability and ...

Jun, 2014 54 pages
Iran Water Report Q3 2014 US$ 1,295.00

... , will do nothing to alleviate the trend of ever worsening drought facing Iran in the long term. Amid the wetter periods, the Iranian ... others - in order to capitalise on the opportunity. According to the managing director of Iran's water resource company, certain resources have been significantly bolstered by ...

Jul, 2014 47 pages
Hungary Water Report Q3 2014 US$ 1,295.00

... water sector - particularly for specialist engineering and construction companies. The ongoing importance of the government-implemented improvements of Hungary's water management and water infrastructure standards, are instigating a surge in domestic water engineering, construction and management companies.

Jun, 2014 50 pages
Germany Water Report Q3 2014 US$ 1,295.00

... water quality stipulations set out in the EU Water Framework Directive are unlikely to be attained in Germany by 2015. Germany's water industry is highly developed, with its ... rate and a 96% sewage network connection rate, with strict drinking water criteria ensuring that almost all the population has access ...

Apr, 2014 48 pages
France Water Report Q3 2014 US$ 1,295.00

... treatment facilities and tighter regulations are improving water quality. Opportunities abound within France's water sector, with the French government very ... to investors. Aside from this, the sheer amount of work needed on water infrastructure, coupled with a need for experienced and knowledgeable management ...

Apr, 2014 47 pages
Czech Republic Water Report Q3 2014 US$ 1,295.00

... View: In order to meet EU standards, the Czech Republic has been forced to upgrade almost every aspect of its water sector. This has resulted ... room for further modernisation. We forecast that ultimately there will be a decline in water consumption in the country due to the continuing developments to the sewer ...

May, 2014 47 pages
Australia Renewables Report Q3 2014 US$ 1,295.00

... updates BMI View: We are maintaining our 2014 forecasts for non-hydropower renewable generation and capacity in Australia this quarter as our assumptions ... administration is likely to succeed in abolishing the carbon pricing scheme in July 2014. This increases the risk for a policy vacuum to emerge as the ...

May, 2014 44 pages
Vietnam Telecommunications Report Q3 2014 US$ 1,295.00

... challenges of Vietnam's landscape mean there are physical limitations to infrastructure expansion. The fixed-line sector continues to post declines. In 2014, the ... January 2012, the MIC revoking mobile concessions provided to S-Fone in March 2014 and the privatisation of MobiFone from VNPT. BMI believes this ...

Jul, 2014 111 pages
Vietnam Insurance Report Q3 2014 US$ 1,295.00

... in other countries in South East Asia, it remains easier to identify weaknesses in Vietnam's insurance sector. Competitive pressures remain intense. Non-life premiums ... by the inability of many households to afford the products which the insurers are offering. Nevertheless, world class multi-nationals are well ...

Jun, 2014 74 pages
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