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Founded in 1999 and headquartered in the UK, IDTechEx Ltd. specializes in providing business-to-business market researches and consultancy services in such technology fields as printed, organic and flexible electronics, thin film photovoltaics, electric and hybrid vehicles, RFID, emerging materials and devices, energy harvesting, wireless sensors and some other. The company serves customers in above 40 countries across the globe and helps them to gain unrivalled business intelligence required for effective decision-making process, and to enhance their profit and shore up their position in the market.

IDTechEx Ltd. has published a slew of the market research reports providing a business/product benchmarking, top companies’ evaluation, scouting of emerging technologies, outlining of possible market-entry strategies, business intelligence on emerging technologies, assessments of major market opportunities and threats, etc. The research reports are elaborated by high-profile, respected and skilled technology and business experts (mostly PhD educated). IDTechEx Ltd. is also occupied with the organization of numerous tradeshows, conferences, summits, master classes and exhibitions related to its focus industries.

Research Reports By IDTechEx Ltd

Found 76 publications
Electric Buses 2015-2025 US$ 4,495.00 Jan, 2015 214 pages
Wearable Technology Materials 2015-2025 US$ 4,975.00 Jan, 2015 189 pages
Printing Equipment for Printed Electronics 2015-2025 US$ 4,975.00 Dec, 2014 223 pages
Near Field Communication (NFC) 2014-2024 US$ 3,495.00 Nov, 2014 222 pages
Apparel RFID 2013-2023 US$ 3,495.00 Oct, 2014 284 pages
E-Textiles: Electronic Textiles 2014-2024 US$ 3,995.00 Oct, 2014 151 pages
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Electric UAVs 2014-2024 US$ 3,495.00 Sep, 2014 214 pages
RFID Forecasts, Players and Opportunities 2014-2024 US$ 4,975.00 Jul, 2014 174 pages
Wearable Technology for Animals 2015-2025 US$ 3,995.00 Jun, 2014 216 pages
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