iData Research Inc.

iData Research is a global provider of market research, advisory and monitoring services in the health care universe.

Dedicated to advanced methodologies, insight and degree of service, the firm provides viable and comprehensive business information to medical device makers, medical market analysis firms, and other health care organisations, embracing those in the Fortune 500 list, and small potatoes needing to be conversant in this gainful marketplace.

The scope of iData Research’s products and services encompasses medical sector research reports, customised consulting, healthcare insurance payout tracking, reviews, medical procedure tracing and medtech market monitoring for the fields such as endoscopy, cardiovascular, dental, cosmetical surgery, hearing aid devices, patient monitoring, ophthalmics, neurology, diagnostic imaging, sports medicine, PACS, gynecology, spine, orthopedics, urology, wound management, and more.

The company’s team has amassed a big many of practical skills in building partnership relations and working in consort with over a thousand medical device firms operating in over thirty countries from pole to pole.

Research Reports By iData Research Inc.

Found 467 publications
U.S. Market for Laparoscopic Morcellators US$ 3,995.00 Nov, 2014 48 pages
Indian Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Devices Market US$ 6,995.00 Nov, 2014 230 pages
U.S. Market for Arthroscopic Devices US$ 6,995.00 Nov, 2014 175 pages
Chinese Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Devices Market US$ 6,995.00 Nov, 2014 248 pages
U.S. Market for Wound and Tissue Management 2014 US$ 6,995.00 Oct, 2014 353 pages
European Markets for Dental Materials 2014 US$ 10,995.00 Sep, 2014 399 pages
U.S. and European Markets for Surgical Microscopes US$ 7,995.00 Sep, 2014 83 pages
Asia-Pacific Infusion Therapy Device Market US$ 7,995.00 Sep, 2014 195 pages
U.S. Orthopedic Trauma Device Market 2014 US$ 6,995.00 Jul, 2014 395 pages
European Vascular Access Device Market 2014 US$ 10,995.00 Jun, 2014 460 pages
European Laparoscopic Device Market 2014 US$ 10,995.00 Jun, 2014 511 pages
European Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Device Market US$ 10,995.00 Jun, 2014 541 pages
European Market for Cardiac Surgery Devices 2014 US$ 10,995.00 May, 2014 464 pages
U.S. Urological Devices Market 2014 US$ 6,995.00 Apr, 2014 521 pages
U.S. Vascular Device Market 2014 US$ 6,995.00 Feb, 2014 334 pages
U.S. Market for Patient Monitoring Equipment US$ 6,995.00 Jan, 2014 412 pages
European Peripheral Vascular Device Market US$ 10,995.00 Jan, 2014 543 pages
European Market for Bone Densitometry US$ 3,995.00 Dec, 2013 33 pages
European Female Urinary Incontinence Market US$ 3,995.00 Dec, 2013 30 pages
U.S. Market for Diagnostic Opthalmic Devices US$ 6,995.00 Dec, 2013 230 pages
European Hysteroscope Market US$ 3,995.00 Dec, 2013 12 pages
European Endometrial Resection Device Market US$ 3,995.00 Dec, 2013 46 pages
U.S. Market for Dental Materials US$ 6,995.00 Dec, 2013 227 pages
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